Artist Snapshots & Music Pick: Level 3:16

Started as a part of the Impact Movement (a ministry geared toward college students) and now in partnership with Cross Movement Records comes Level 3:16 bringing a fresh, energetic and spiritually uplifting sound. The group blends the sounds of Hip Hop, R&B and urban gospel, and is made up of six members – two male MCs, a female DJ and three female vocalists. I love that their music brings beats that you can enjoy and move along to, and still is lyrically full of substance that can move the heart. It’s also not just about the music for Level 3:16 – they see themselves as missionaries or “musicianaries” who are called to creatively share the Gospel where ever they go.

You can connect with Level 3:16 on Facebook at They will also be at the upcoming Impact Conference 2011: The Remedy, taking place December 28, 2011 through January 1, 2012. Read more about the conference here on SOAR, and visit to find out more. Click here to watch Impact 11 streaming live during the conference.

Music Pick: Love – t.Jay & Level 3:16

Another artist, t.Jay (check out more of his music here), collaborated with Level 3:16 on a song called LOVE. In the video below t.Jay and the members of the group talk about what inspired the song:

Watch the video for LOVE below:

More About Level 3:16

Answering the call of Scripture to use their God-given talents for the purpose of promoting the gospel as urban missionaries, new group Level 3:16 enters the scene focused and determined as musicianaries (music-missionaries). Uniting this unique collection of young, energetic artists from all across the country is one common mission: to elevate their culture and generation to the next level of reality that goes beyond what is seen to what is unseen; that level begins with embracing the gospel message of the quintessential/renowned Bible verse John 3:16 as both the means and goal of life itself…

Offering an eclectic fusion of Hip Hop, R&B and urban gospel, Level 3:16 is comprised of 2 male emcees, 3 female vocalists and 1 female DJ. Skillfully combining melodic Hip Hop and hard-hitting beats with the musicality and 3-part harmonies of R&B, topped off with classic lyricism, a strong vocal blend and spoken word, the versatility of the band is inspiring and impressive.

The inherent focus on missions rooted in the purpose of Level 3:16 is based in the group’s origins and formation. Each summer, The Impact Movement conducts a music-oriented mission trip near Indianapolis, IN at the headquarters of Keynote, which is the music, creative and innovative ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ. As the college students and young adults gather together, Impact takes them through an intensive training and development program, preparing them for a tour comprised of outreach concerts in various parts of the US.

The 6 members of Level 3:16 met on the 2009 summer trip, where The Impact Movement assembled and developed the group. Now, they have each committed to return as full-time musicianaries, where they are required to raise their own financial support. As they embark on this journey to help their culture aspire to the next level a docu-reality show will be filmed that documents Level 3:16’s music and ministry training, recording of their new album and summer outreach tour.


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