Why “Dream in Soul”?

Most everyone dreams, but to dream in soul is to dream beyond your own mind, beyond career aspirations and material possessions. Dreaming in soul is looking up and reaching to connect to God, and your purpose, for the reason He placed you on earth to carry out His will and amazing dreams, to be part of the greatest story ever told.

The DreaminSoul.com Network is aimed at inspiring young people to find their purpose in God, and to use their passions for Him. The site is also dedicated at helping ministries, Christian artists of all types, entrepreneurs and others present the Message to the world.

Dreaming in Soul, Part 1: Do Not Fear

Dreaming in Soul, Part 1: Do Not Fear

Hear His Voice, Heed His Holy Spirit…
by Dream in Soul Editor Julene

She tossed and turned all night. She could not sleep. The same thoughts permeated her heart, and her mind was filled with visions.

“Lord,” she prayed. “What does this mean? Is this dream from you? Is this what you really want me to do?”

The answer was soft. Like a message placed in her heart for only her to hear. “I’ve put dreams and hopes in your soul before you were a born, visions you had as a child. Have faith.”

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You and your dreams were made to flourish – let me show you how! – Julene Fleurmond – Artist, Actress, Speaker, Dream Reviver & Purpose Inspirer, Founder of Dream in Soul and
The Dare Dreamer Movement at Dreamfleur.com

How I Nourish & Nurture Your Dreams:


Here at the Dreaminsoul.com and The Dare Dreamer Network at DreamFleur.com you’ll find inspiration and resources that will motivate and assist you in pursuing your passions and cultivating your creative purpose. Stay tuned to find out about my new projects dedicated to helping you discover your purpose, pursue the visions in your heart, overcome “dream weeds” and grow your dreams creatively.

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About The Dream in Soul Network

Dream in Soul is a new type of media network for the creative, young-at-heart and purpose-full.

The main Dream in Soul: Creativity for the Kingdom Blog features updates from the other sections in the network as well as news about the latest in music, events, arts and ministries. The blog also presents spiritual growth resources, original features, and media picks to be enjoyed by anyone.

Soul Dreamer Resources was created as a way to compile resources related to creativity, career and calling for a variety of industries and professionals, including artists, filmmakers, musicians, writers, and entrepreneurs, as well as those pursuing other fields.

The aim of this resource is to inspire young adults and others to dream in soul – to not merely dream and pursue goals guided by their their own desires, but to view their passions and purpose through the lens of God and the plans He has for them (Jeremiah 29:11).


Dream in Soul Magazine (formerly SOAR) is a spiritual resource for youth and young adults. SOAR was created as a way to compile positive Christian content targeted toward youth in one place, as well as to connect youth ministries around the globe. Visit http://dreaminsoul.com/soar for youth-related interviews, articles, resource picks, ministry updates and more especially for teens.

networksoulconnectionThe Soul Connection Guide is a listing of some of our favorite sites. In this guide we strive to present links to quality Christian and inspirational media. The links provided are just some of the wonderful content we’ve come across.

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About the Editor
Julene, founder and editor of DreaminSoul.com and president of an inspirational multimedia company, Envibrance Studios, is a young woman with a passion to serve God and others with her creative abilities. She’s a journalist, creative writer, designer, entrepreneur, and dreamer. As a youth ministry team leader at her church she hopes to inspire young people to live for God with all their hearts.

Julene has served as a public relations director for a multimedia talk show where she helped facilitate and promote events with renowned guests, and has contributed creative content and writing to organizations such as the National Urban League, Harvard School of Public Health, The SMU Daily Mustang, and several others. Currently pursuing a master’s degree in public health, she hopes to inspire others to pursue wellness and fulfill their God-given purpose in mind, body, spirit and soul.

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