Be Featured on SOAR

Rep Your Youth/Young Adult Group or Ministry

featured SOAR is looking to feature and interview youth ministries and groups that are passionate about representing the Lord. Contact us via our form if you are:

– A youth/young adult group or ministry from a Christian church, school campus, or another organization – We want to hear about your group and how you are representing Christ in your area


– Any youth/young adult music/dance/performance/arts-related ministry group or individual artist that is involved in spreading the Gospel

If you are under 18, please have an adult representative, or parent affiliated with your group contact us.

Music Artists

Are you a music artist who is passionate about spreading the Gospel & especially reaching the younger generation? Contact us via our form to let us know who you are & what you’re doing!

Contribute to SOAR

Want to submit a review, blog post, article or suggest a topic or feature on SOAR? Contact us through our form with your suggestion or the type of contribution you would like to make.

SOAR Advisory Board & Street Team

We want to get the word out about SOAR and need your help! Our new SOAR Advisory Board & Street Team is for young people and those passionate about young adult ministry who want to be involved with bringing SOAR to life and to others. Share your ideas & spread the word… Contact us through our form to let us know you want to be part of the team!

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