Inspiration: Don’t Waste Your Life: We’re Here to Serve

Life is short – do not waste it! What are we going to say when we look back on our lives? We’ll never regret loving people and serving people. We’ve shared Becca’s videos before (check out her Youtube channel for more), check out the latest she has to share on how important it is for us to live a life of purpose and service…

Note From Becca:

Hi beautiful people! :)

This song will definitely encourage you when it comes to this topic: Live it Well by Switchfoot:

The book I mention is called the Good News About Injustice. It’s opened my eyes so much to the injustices that go on around the world. This topic is SO important to me! We need to wake up every single day with the mindset that TODAY could be our last day. What would you change if you knew tomorrow was your last day on earth? It would affect EVERYTHING you do! How does knowing any day could be our last affect the way you treat others, the way you speak, the things you do? These are super important questions to ask! Encourage, LOVE, and serve other people because that is what we are here for!


Have a great day and know you are soo loved by God.


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