Soul Dreamer Ponderings: How Should We Then Dream?


Soul Dreamer Ponderings are questions that relate to career and calling for all types of dreamers. Some of the questions might be posed in future Soul Dreamer Interviews as well. Feel free to leave a comment on your thoughts to these ponderings:

How can we make sure our dreams continually line up with God’s visions for us?

  • How do we know if a dream is God-given or something we came up with? Do we have the discernment and faith to follow God even into “unpractical” and undesirable venues?
  • How do we know if we are operating out of our calling?
  • Is God calling me to carry out my talents in a more secular frontier or in a traditionally Christian arena?
  • How do we rewaken dormant dreams?
  • Does God give usually us hard tasks to do that we don’t necessarily like to prepare us for higher positions (as with Joseph who became a servant and slave before the dreams God gave him came to pass)?
  • How do we know, and what should we do when a dream or career has become an idol?
  • Is there a career that is “the one” for each person or are there multiple possibilities that we choose from?
  • How do we balance our dreams with the everyday functions and tasks of life?
  • Are we to continually make the distinction between our gifting and callings, our talents and mission?
  • Am I continually using my gifts to serve God and others and not only for my own motives? Am I focused on making God known and not just making myself known?
  • How should we function in the influence God has given us, whether large or small? How do we prevent influence from becoming a distraction?
  • What about a “failed dream” or a situation we’ve already stepped out on but it didn’t work out the way we expected? How do we recover and keep moving? What is the purpose of a dream unfulfilled; will I be able to see the good God has allowed through it?
  • What questions do you ask regarding your dreams? Feel free to share your thoughts or contribute questions or responses of your own.

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