Soul Dreamer Ponderings: Christian Artist vs. Artist Who is Christian

Soul Dreamer Ponderings are questions that relate to career and calling for all types of dreamers. The questions might be posed in future Soul Dreamer Interviews as well. Feel free to leave a comment on your thoughts to these ponderings:


Author C.S. Lewis once made a statement that (paraphrase) “We don’t need more Christian writers. We need more great writers who are Christian.” Do you agree or disagree? Does it depend on the particular artist and calling?

Is there or should there be a difference between a Christian artist (writer, musician, filmmaker, etc.) and an artist who is a Christian – can both of them bring glory to God through their work and reach the world, even if one does it through “Christian-themed” art and the other indirectly?

In an upcoming Soul Dreamer Interview, a visual artist will give his view on these ponderings…

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