Documentary: No Dancing in Church

“No Dancing In Church” is a documentary by filmmaker Consuela Hayes featuring the DCLARE Dance Ministry of Miami, Florida. The concept of dance in the church may be a topic of conflict to some, but this short film discusses the tranformation of dance in ministry and it’s purpose.

Those in older generations may believe dancing is too suggestive or unholy to do in church. Some argue that dance isn’t Biblical or is “worldly.” The documentary discusses how Scriptures do speak about dance and how it can be used as a way of worship. From liturgical to urban, many churches and ministries have embraced dance, especially as a way for reaching youth. What are your thoughts? Do you have a dance ministry in your church?

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2 Responses to “ Documentary: No Dancing in Church ”

  1. You know I am so tired of Christians in the church thinking that it’s about them. I am on the dance team and praise team at my church, Dominion Church International in Greer SC. When I am dancing and praising God my focus is not to please the people but to please God. I know that when I dance I help and minister to the people there. There was always dancing in the Bible and celebration. This thing that the older generation don’t like it is crazy. If christians can shout at sports games and dance at concerts but have a problem doing it in church, than they need not have a thing to say when someone does it in the church.

  2. Thanks for your feedback Terrance, definitely, it’ about pleasing God, not people.