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In the Dream in Soul interview with Kirk Franklin he gave some great advice about purpose, position and gifts. Here are some of the Soul Dreamer highlights from that interview (click here for the full interview):



Dream in Soul:…One of the chapters that spoke to me was Chapter 4 “What is Purpose.” One of the important points you made in the book is that what people do does not define who they are. Was there a point in your life where you realized that?

Kirk Franklin: Yeah, yeah definitely there was a point in my life when that revelation really became true to me. It kind of resonates within me that you know music is what I do, the music is not who I am, so if I sell a lot of records that doesn’t make me who I am. If I don’t sell any records that doesn’t take away from who I am, and if I define myself by what I do then I’m going to always have to be doing, and so I’ll be a human doing instead of a human being. So, that was a very important thing for me to learn…

DS: Going along with that once I saw a tweet you tweeted a while back that said, “never let your gift become your god.” Can you talk about that and how you’ve learned that in your ministry; how does someone know when their gift or career has become an idol?

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KF: Well, it’s just very important to see your gift through God’s lens. Once you realize that the gift really wasn’t for your benefit but the gift was really for His and He allows you to partake in it, it changes your perspective. It’s like, ok this is given to me to bring Him glory, not necessarily to bring myself glory. And so when you see that it’s something that’s on loan that you’re not an owner of it, you’re just a manager of it, then you respond differently.

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