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“Who said that God can’t be glorified in business?” The Identity Conference is a free event especially for entrepreneurs of faith who want to take their business to the next level to change the world:

Clips from the 2010 Identity Conference

Event Date: Saturday November 12, 2011
Location: Corona, California

About: Identity is far beyond a conference. It is the largest unity of Christian entrepreneurs in the country. An emergence of successful business achievers, change agents, cultural architects, and voracious leaders of the Faith all brought into one high-octane atmosphere, compelling young entrepreneurs to lead and influence the next generation. This explosive gathering can only be justified as 6 hours of pure entrepreneurial adrenaline.

To find out more and to register visit www.identityconference.com

The Identity Culture Blog also features a variety of articles and resources for entrepreneurs, visit it at www.identityculture.org.

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