Editors Soul Dreamer Journal: Where Am I Called? – Post Grad Ponderings

It’s a question many of us ask at one point in our lives: What is my calling? Where does God want to use me right now; in ministry, in a certain career? For me the question was most urgent after I graduated from college (which I wrote about earlier on Dream in Soul). It was the typical post graduation anxiety – “uh oh – I’ve got be an adult and face the ‘real world’? What do I do now?”

I was confused as to where God was leading me, if I should pursue studying in a certain area of ministry (in my case I felt it might be youth ministry) and I searched my heart and prayed to God to show me which direction He wanted me to go. After a campus ministry conference a few months after graduation I asked one of the leaders Pastor Sample, a youth pastor at a local, what his advice was to someone who felt they might be called into youth ministry. His answer and how he broke it all down was a blessing to me, especially how he explained how you have to hear clearly from God where He is specifically leading you. I thought his advice was fitting for anyone who was questioning the path of their calling so I wanted to share:

Question: How Do I Know if I Am Called To A Certain Ministry?

A: Special training for ministry is great and so is Bible college or a ministry school…but the main thing is that you really hear from the LORD.

He will call you (it sounds like He is) He will give you specific instructions. Do not run out ahead of Him and do not be behind Him. Go at the pace He wants you to go.

You do not need a special degree or anything…you need a confirmed word of the LORD. He never calls the qualified, He only qualifies the called.

When the Lord calls there are usually 5 steps:

1. Calling – divinely dissatisfied with what you are doing – you know you are being called to a specific direction.

2. Training – this is usually done by man…ie..bible school, training school…

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