Message Pick: Run Your Race & Run It Well – Touré Roberts & DeVon Franklin from One Church International

A few months back we featured One Church International in Los Angeles as our Ministry to Watch because of the relevant messages they share that encourage anyone to pursue purpose, and especially those called to the arts and entertainment. I’ve been continually blessed by the wisdom of Pastor Touré Roberts and his determination to align with the heart of God and how He is moving in the seasons.

This latest word “Run Your Race & Run It Well” encourages you (with a little illustrative clip from a familiar childhood cartoon) to embrace the race God has called you to and to run it with perseverance and faith, not letting distractions, obstacles, snares and detours get in your way.

Part 2 of the message is from DeVon Franklin, an influential voice in Hollywood and beyond (whom we previously shared inspirational words about purpose from his book Produced by Faith.) DeVon reminds us that sometimes we ask God for what we’re not ready for, getting us off track, and how we have to follow His lead and timing when running the race:

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