Worship: Wonder from Bethel Music

May we never lose our wonder! May we be just like a child staring at the beauty of our King…

The Latest from Dream in Soul Magazine: Perspectives on Love and Relationships

Editor’s Journal: The Heart Wants What It Wants – How I Can Relate to Selena Gomez


Selena Gomez says in one of her latest songs that the heart wants what it wants. Listening to the lyrics I find myself relating to the song more than I thought I did…do you? Here’s my take of what the heart wants…

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Inspiration & Music Pick: From Haven’t Even Kissed to I’ll Wait For You Moriah Peters Sings Her Love Story

Moriah Peters shared inspiring footage from her wedding in the lyric video above for her beautiful song “I’ll Wait For You” from her album “BRAVE” featuring her husband Joel, one part of the singing duo For King and Country. Their journey is sweet and encouraging – how Moriah allowed God to write their love story and how the pair waited until their wedding day to have their first kiss, which she describes in the interview and her song, (one of my favorites from her previous CD!) “Haven’t Even Kissed” describes below. Moriah is also vulnerable and real about how the life as a music artist is more of a responsibility as it may seem:

“God wants to use our story as an example of what He can do…”

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Dear Boys: Jamie Grace on Dating and Her Heartfelt Letter to Guys on Pursuing Relationships Dear Boys: Jamie Grace on Dating and Her Heartfelt Letter to Guys on Pursuing Relationships

Jamie Grace shares her heart to guys and girls about relationships and love – what she shares is pretty amazing!

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Jamie Grace shares her heart to guys and girls about relationships and love – what she shares is pretty amazing! This is the final chapter of her book Boys, Boys, Boys Thoughts on Dating from a Single (Since Birth) Girl (click here to get a copy).

The Creator of the beat of my heart wants to pick out my husband for me…

I Waited For You: P4CM Artist Janette…ikz Shares her Heart at Her Wedding in the Follow Up To “I Will Wait For You”

She might be best known for her spoken word poem “I Will Wait,” a piece about waiting on God to write her love story, but spoken word artist Janette…ikz now can say “I Waited For You”! Janette…ikz and her husband Matt shared their journey and great tips for singles and couples in the weeks leading up to the wedding. Watch the episodes of their series here…

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Missing Out On Love: David Marvin Shares Encouragement for Singles at The Porch…

David Marvin shares an inspiring word on our the desire for love in this message from The Porch

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Rise: Get Up and Live in God's Great Story Book by Trip Lee Rise: Get Up and Live in God’s Great Story Book by Trip Lee

Most of us spend our youth in a sad state of slumber—sleeping in on life until we’re forced to get up. The problem is that life has already begun. It’s happening right now…

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Love Song Picks: “He Say, She Say” and More from TJ Pompeo

TJ Pompeo, who we interviewed previously, writes some of the best love songs that both inspire us to believe in love and in God’s design for it. TJ recently released a new song “He Say, She Say” featuring Mathai who you might know from a previous season of The Voice. Go to http://tjpompeo.bandcamp.com to download the song and enjoy it above.

Here are some other great love songs from TJ, “If I Have To Wait (The Patient Pursuit)” one of my very favorites, and “Boy Meets Girl” from his EP of the same name. You can get them at his site above.

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Message Pick: Run Your Race & Run It Well – Touré Roberts & DeVon Franklin from One Church International

A few months back we featured One Church International in Los Angeles as our Ministry to Watch because of the relevant messages they share that encourage anyone to pursue purpose, and especially those called to the arts and entertainment. I’ve been continually blessed by the wisdom of Pastor Touré Roberts and his determination to align with the heart of God and how He is moving in the seasons.

This latest word “Run Your Race & Run It Well” encourages you (with a little illustrative clip from a familiar childhood cartoon) to embrace the race God has called you to and to run it with perseverance and faith, not letting distractions, obstacles, snares and detours get in your way.

Part 2 of the message is from DeVon Franklin, an influential voice in Hollywood and beyond (whom we previously shared inspirational words about purpose from his book Produced by Faith.) DeVon reminds us that sometimes we ask God for what we’re not ready for, getting us off track, and how we have to follow His lead and timing when running the race:

Ministry Watch and Message Pick: Touré Roberts on Purpose, Pride and Healing

One Church International is a powerful ministry in North Hollywood, California, the heart of the entertainment industry. While One Church is open to a wide audience it especially provides guidance and resources to young adults who are called to impact the arts and entertainment. Rising performers, musicians, industry executives, filmmakers and others in related fields are mentored through weekly gatherings, and have the chance to grow within The Artist Resource Center (ARC), a not-for-profit facility that provides artists with the tools and knowledge to grow in their craft.

In the first video above Pastor Touré Roberts brings a convicting message about getting rid of excuses and pride that prevent us from living in the full purpose that God has for us.

In the second message below he motivates us to breakaway from distractions and the ordinary way of the world to intentionally pursue our purpose:

Purpose & Healing Message Notes:

– The number one distraction in someone’s life is the distraction from one’s purpose.

– “Purpose makes life relevant. The absence of purpose makes life random…”

– Purpose is the divine plan of God concerning you – it is His best for you.

– …When you are committed to walk in purpose you come into alignment with God’s anointing for your life; He cannot anoint what He has not chosen for you…He can only anoint what you are supposed to be doing.

Be Sure To Check Out These Other Related Messages from Touré Roberts and One Church International:

You can learn more about Touré Roberts and One Church International by visiting http://onechurchla.org.

Inspiration: Never Going Back from David and Nicole Binion & Covenant Worship and The Sound Worship Conference 2012

Love embracing, captivating, taken by Your grace; Heart so tender, I surrender hold me in this place. I know I’m loved by You…I’m never going back to the way it was.” – Lyrics from Never Going Back

Never Going Back is a moving song from Covenant Church’s new worship album “Standing” released through Integrity Music, recorded at a previous The Sound Worship Conference.

The Sound Worship Conference 2012 hosted by David and Nicole Binion at Covenant Church in Carrollton, TX, where I attend, is coming back this year June 20-23, 2012. I’ve attended some of the past conferences and have always come back spiritually full from the experience of God’s love and purpose in worship.

The daytime sessions (for registrants) feature speakers like John Brockman and John Ragsdale with break-out sessions for musicians, media leaders and others. The nighttime services are open to the public with worship lead by Kari Jobe, Martha Munizzi, the Covenant Worship team and speakers like author of “The Circle Maker” Mark Batterson, Pastor Mike Hayes, and more.

To find out more and to register visit www.covenantchurch.org/thesound.

Below Worship Pastor David Binion invites you to The Sound Worship Conference 2012: