Confessions on the Road: Diary and Dreams of a Music Artist (A New Dream in Soul Series)

Preview of a New Dream in Soul Fiction Story Series by Julene Fleurmond

One band. One mission. Lots of secrets…

They’re a group of 20-somethings navigating the road of faith, relationships and dreams. Stay tuned for this upcoming fiction series on Dream in Soul, and catch a glimpse into their confessions below…

I creaked open the side stage entrance door a sliver and shakingly sneaked a peek at the mob we were about to confront. Through the thin opening I could see their faces lit dimly by colored spotlights – they didn’t look angry or dangerous, more like excited and harmless. They were definitely not toting pitchforks as they conversed with one another, unaware that I was spying on them to get myself used to the idea that I’d be addressing row after row of them in a few minutes.

The gigantic auditorium, larger than any we’ve ever played, was abuzz with the energetic drone of teens laughing and chatting with their friends as they waited for us to come out and the event to begin. You’d think as many times as I’ve done this before that I’d be over the hovering cloud of anxiety trying to suffocate my enthusiasm. I swallowed my nerves and just hoped I wouldn’t pass out or lose my lunch before or while we were out there. Though that audience looked happy now I’m sure none of them wanted the Chick-fil-A waffle fries and nuggets I’d scarfed down earlier (formerly known as delicious) to make a reappearance.

This was our first big venue, opening for a band I’d been listening to since I was an awkward tween-ager jamming out to my bulky portable CD player (do they even make those anymore?). I should be stoked. So why was I wishing that I was anywhere but here?

(Stay Tuned to Find Out)

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Julene, editor of Dream in Soul and SOAR, is a young dreamer, entrepreneur, artist, writer and speaker who loves to create to inspire others. She founded her own creative media company, Envibrance Studios as a teen, and runs an inspirational apparel & product line. Visit her website online at

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