Inspiration on Purpose from Actor Ernie Hudson and Dream in Soul Creative Apparel

Above: Actor Ernie Hudson with one of the latest designs from Dream in Soul Creative Apparel. Click here to get this and other inspiring shirts…

“…the fulfilling of who you are and your purpose for being here is not found outside, it’s trusting God to move you, to inspire you…” – Ernie Hudson

Lately Dream in Soul has been busy shining a light and spreading inspiration at various events through speaking or representing our Dream in Soul Creative Apparel line (stay tuned for more updates on the blog). Here’s Actor Ernie Hudson with one of our latest designs “Live, Love and Dream for a greater Purpose” at a recent event; you might know him from one of over 100 movie and TV roles – of which he might be best known for his role in Ghostbusters. Ernie’s also an inspiring man of faith who played the voice of the apostle Peter in the “Word of Promise” audio Bible.

Ernie grew up thinking he’d be a minister, but then acting came about after trying different things and not feeling as if he found his sweet spot. When he got to college he took an acting class and felt right at home. Ernie shared encouragement on purpose and dreams in an interview with TBN:

“When I read the Bible it’s the Spirit, it’s the knowing that, it’s the fulfilling of who you are and your purpose for being here is not found outside, it’s trusting God to move you, to inspire you – to move through inspiration. To want the things that you want is a wonderful thing but trust in God to guide you to that and things will work out perfectly…but unfortunately sometimes you fear – when you start feeling fear then it’s not the right direction.

Sometimes in desperation we try to reach out and find things outside of ourselves and trust other people who are trying to sell us something. You really need to listen to the inner voice and know that you’ll be guided and the right thing will line up for you – it always has for me. But if you’re looking for someone out there…put not your trust in man.”

Watch Ernie’s interview where he talks more about his journey into purpose below:

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