Lessons On Laughter: Part 2 of Q&A with Miz T – Gospel Comedienne


miztquote2Miz T shares how her passion for creating laughter has brought spiritual lessons into her life…

In the first part of the Q&A Tranea Prosser, also known as Miz T, shared how she discovered her passion to make others laugh and turned it into her ministry, and now she’s living out her God-given dreams. In part two Miz T gives some wisdom on supporting one another in ministry, advice for young people, and tips on embracing one’s unique calling. Read below for some of her lessons on laughter:

Dream in Soul: You’ve previously mentioned the importance of people mentoring each other, and pulling each other up to be successful. Can you say a little about this, and why it’s important for the community of God to support those who are upcoming and younger?

MizT: That gift of exhortation sure talks alot! Two years ago there were only two people doing Christian comedy in Austin. I reached out to him and invited him to my CD release program where he was introduced and he returned the invitation when he had a production. We are very supportive of each other and to each other in regards to the comedic ministry. The Word says that we are the body of Christ and are all equally important with our separate functions. We need to learn to appreciate everyone for their ministry gifts and not feel like competing against them.

This year has been really busy for Christian comedy. I am pleased and surprised by the number of eblasts I’ve seen promoting Christian comedy events. I have met promoters who are putting on Christian comedy shows and are looking for female christian comedians and we are few in number. I met Reggie Reg from St. Louis, MO in March this year when I was at the Dr. Bobby Jones showcase and we have called each other to give a shot of encouragement before the event. It is great to meet people like that who want you to be successful.


DS: Tell us about how you let the spirit move you in your comedy and music. Do you have any stories of how people have responded, and how you’ve been able to share God’s word or touched somebody through your comedy?

MizT: Comedy is like music in the sense that either the topic moves you or it doesn’t. My prayer before I perform is Lord, touch those who need this healing and have your way. I am finding that comedy is just another vehicle to reach out to people. I had a man in my church who bought my CD and told me that he listens to it everyday, it’s like therapy for him.

Recently, I was in Brookshire, Texas, at a Youth Gospel Explosion and after a heavy hearted salute – a man recently passed away and his widow and mother were given plaques in his honor – I had to minister after that. While I was on stage I looked down to where the wife and mother were sitting and they were rolling over in laughter and I almost dropped the mike and did the quartet stomp! I said Father, that’s what I came for, to lift those two people. It took everything in me not to let loose a praise, but on the inside I was blessing God! I don’t take the gift of laughter for granted.

DS: What’s a spiritual or life lesson that you think the youth/young adults of today need to hear?

miztquote3MizT: People have gotten away from being authentic and genuine. Our young adults are constantly trying to be by imitation, Beyonce or 50 Cent, instead of accepting who God created them to be and what “gift” God has given them. I’m not taking anything away from them, I’m just using them as a reference. My mother raised me not to compare myself to anyone and maybe that’s why I don’t feel bad that I can’t sing rings around other singers. We should not all look the same nor sing the same because He created us to be different. As I child I was always asked, “Do you sing like your mother?” I used to be intimidated by that and not sing at all, but I had to learn to grow up and accept that her gift is what God wanted her to have. What I have is what God gave to me. He wants to know what am I going to do with it? So my question to any young adult is: “What are you going to do with what God gave you?”

DS: How can someone know how they are to use their gifts for God? What advice do you have for young people who want to venture into a unique ministry field but are afraid to take the jump, or feel pressured to go into a more “traditional” field?

miztportrait_02MizT: You must be prayerful about it. Submit it to God and let him direct you. Don’t be in a hurry, you need to know that you are called to a ministry before you can walk in it and be effective. I get this all the time because I know how to sing people want to put me in the choir and get mad because I won’t sing there. When you are certain of your gifts, you won’t let people pressure you in what they think you should be doing. I’m using my voice in the manner God has directed me for twenty years to lead Praise & Worship which is more than just being a member of the choir.

You also have to invest in yourself not only mentally but financially. Have your act together. I will be performing at the GMWA Women’s Hatter’s Tea because I called to inquire about a souvenir ad and when I told the lady I was a female Christian comedian and wanted to place an ad, she put me on the program. I was invited to the Dr. Bobby Jones showcase by Minister Chuck Spearman after he saw one of my e-blast and was impressed with my ad. If I didn’t have my advertising campaign together, those opportunities would not have been extended to me. If you don’t take yourself seriously, others won’t either.

DS: Is there anything you’d do different or lessons you learned in starting your ministry? What tips would you give to others in starting their own ministries and in promoting their gifts?

MizT: I followed the outline that God gave me two years ago. I share with people that when God gives you the dream, He will also give you the vision and lay it out for you. My homework was to do research for managing and promoting myself. I had to decide how many times a month I want to travel. Be sure to schedule “me” time so I don’t get burned out. Learn how to relate to your audience. I’m still learning about the gospel industry by attending workshops and seminars even though they pertain to music. I had to learn about delivery vehicles like e-blasts, banners and podcasts. Christian comedy is still an untapped market but the promoting of it works the same as music.

DS: Do you have a favorite scripture that you’d like to share?

MizT: 1 Peter 5:7

DS: Any upcoming projects? How can we find out more about you, or see you in action?

MizT: Yes, there is a comedy DVD in the works right now. I am planning another live recording later this year and hopefully it can be released by January 2010. I have been approached about working in a stage play. I have ideas about MizT comedy cards that I’m working on. I also have comedy ringtones available. I keep my calendar on my website up to date so keep taking sneak peeks on www.miztgospelcomedienne.com.

If you missed it, click here for the first part of the Q&A to read about how Miz T got started in her ministry.


Miz T, a native of Austin, TX, who is also a singer and worship leader at her church, says that her original comedy material is rated ā€œIā€ for the innocent. Her comical content ranges from stories within the church to musical skits. Miz T is bringing her hilarious message to churches and other venues, with the goal of tickling and touching souls one joke at a time. To learn more about Miz T and her ministry, visit her website at www.miztgospelcomedienne.com where you can also purchase her CD “Back At ‘Ya, Lord!” You can follow her on Twitter as @MizTcomedy for regular doses of clever humor.

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