Comedy for the Soul: Q&A with Comedienne Miz T, Part 1

Miz T is bringing healing to hearts with a dose of humor…

Tranea Prosser, otherwise known as Miz T, discovered that her natural ability to make others laugh could be her key to reaching hearts for God. The native of Austin, TX, who is also a singer and worship leader at her church, says that her original comedy material is rated “I” for the innocent. Her comical content ranges from stories within the church to musical skits. Miz T recently released her debut comedy CD, “Back at ‘Ya, Lord!”, and is bringing her hilarious message to churches and other venues, with the goal of tickling and touching souls one joke at a time. Here’s what Miz T had to say to about how she got started in her ministry, and how she’s living out her God-given dream:

Dream in Soul: How would you describe your style of comedy, and how long have you been doing it as ministry?

MizT: It’s stand-up combined with story-telling, tattle-telling, music and a little dancing. Is there a name for that style? The main mission of the comedic ministry is to bring laughter and stress relief to the saints. I have been doing comedy for ten years now.


DS: Tell us a little bit about what’s included on your CD "MizT – Back At ‘Ya, Lord" and how did you come up with the title?

MizT: It’s a mixture of sing-a-long icebreakers, comedy skits, and story-telling. The title was inspirited by the story of the ten talents based on Matthew 25:27-29. I’m returning to God one of the talents He has given me.

DS: When did you know you wanted to do comedy, and how did you start? Were your family and friends supportive of your passion?

MizT: I didn’t always know that I wanted to do comedy, I kinda fell into it or rather I made it a separate category from all the other things that I do. I started doing comedy on a dare. I went to an audition and made my debut as a Christian comedian. The people received me well so I kept the t-shirt and haven’t stopped.

My parents don’t know what to think of the comedy and especially in the traditional baptist upbringing. My mother tells me now, I’m just old-fashioned and don’t see where it fits in the church, so I told her it fits right after the offering because that’s where I tell people to place me on musicals. It doesn’t fit in between songs for me because I am a praise and worship leader also and I can be caught up in the movement of the spirit and won’t be led to do comedy but maybe to minister in song, or share a word, so to ensure that you get what you ask for, place me immediately after the offering.

DS: What would you say to those people who might not think humor belongs in church?

MizT: First I would ask what do they know about God? He is our creator and He does have a sense of humor. Then I’d dare them to read the book of Proverbs. The cheerful heart has a continual feast, Proverbs 15:15. Laughter is a gift of God. Laughter even has a healing quality to it. Laughter can draw others to you and lighten your load in life.

DS: How did God provide for your ministry when you got started?

MizT: God provided for my ministry by extending opportunities to emcee various programs. I use a lot of comedy when I emcee. I spent two solid years serving as emcee at various events, but people were focusing on the comedy stuff, the stories I share, and other comments so I decided to really test the limit and released a Christian comedy CD along with a live recording. The saints have shown their support. They are hungry for this type of ministry, and it is welcomed.

DS: Was there a point where you decided to stop doing something else or felt a burden in your heart in order to pursue comedy?

MizT: My prayer to God is to show me how to balance everything He has given me in ministry. I use comedy in Praise & Worship also when directed by the Spirit to do so. I stay prayerful and ask for wisdom and guidance. The comedy was always there, I needed to learn where, when and how to best utilize it.

DS: Where do you get your material? How do you hope to touch people who see your performances?

MizT: My material came from children I used to teach at Sunday School, family and from going to church. My prayer is that the leave the program feeling different about themselves or their situations. To see the joy on their face is good enough for me.

DS: Did you always want do Christian-based/positive comedy, and why? Have you performed at non-Christian events, and is it a different experience?

miztquoteMizT: When I made up my mind to continue with my comedy I wanted to keep it Christian-based and positive. Why? Because I wouldn’t feel comfortable on stage cursing and using other forms to communicate my point. That goes against my nature, plus I want to feel good about myself and honor Christ in my walk. I also wanted to prove a point that you can be funny without cursing and degrading people. Yes I have performed at non-Christian events and I quickly learned to talk about family and children, leave the church stuff out of it.

DS: Who were your role models and people who inspired you in this ministry field?

MizT: I heard of Jonathan Slocum a few months after my debut but before him, there were no Christian comedians. The people who inspired me are the ones who came to me after I’ve emceed the programs and told me how much they really enjoyed me, or how they hadn’t laughed that hard in years, they are my inspiration to keep doing what I do.

DS: Do you have plans to expand your music as well?

MizT: Yes and I’m waiting for God to say when. I have written 13 sets of lyrics but I don’t write music, so he is bringing people into my life who do write music and are musicians. When I finish my comedy DVD, then I’ll start concentrating on the music.

DS: In a previous interview* you’ve said you feel you have the gift of exhortation. How would you describe this gift, and how have you seen it in action?

MizT: Exhortation is a gift of speaking positive words to people and into their lives. Words have great power. Society sends so many critical messages, people are hungry to hear loving encouragement. Not only words but actions are included. There is a boomerang effect, you reap what you sow. I’ve seen it in action by one of former co-workers asking me to pray for her that she can be stronger in her faith to live a celibate lifestyle like I do. That was shouting time right there! It was a hold my mule moment.

DS: What are your dreams and your ultimate goals for your comedy, music, or ministry in general?

MizT: I’m living my dream right now. I’m in my forties doing what I love and some people never get to accomplish that. I have been approached about working in a stage play. I have ideas about MizT comedy cards that I’m working on, and I have comedy ringtones available. My ultimate goal would be to let people see that you can be a Christian and still have fun.


In Part 2, Miz T will give some wisdom on supporting one another in ministry, some spiritual lessons she would share with young people, and tips on using your gifts for God.

To learn more about Miz T and her ministry, visit her website at where you can also purchase her CD “Back At ‘Ya, Lord!” You can follow her on Twitter as @MizTcomedy for regular doses of clever humor.

*Click here to listen to the interview mentioned in this Q&A session that Miz T did on the L.A.W.S. Inspiration Station radio show.

Watch MizT in action below:

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