SOAR Updates – Artist Snapshots: Tiffany Stanley

“When we give our dreams to God, putting them all in His hands, and realizing that we need Him, that’s when He begins to work in mighty and powerful ways through us. Let us be a generation who stands for Christ, and love as He loves us. Young and old, let’s make an impact on the world together, as we join as one in Him.” – Tiffany Stanley

In SOAR’s Artist Snapshots Series we love to feature young upcoming artists who have inspiring music ministries. I came across Tiffany Stanley’s music one day and was encouraged by the candid messages in her songs, and the soft acoustic sound she brings.

I especially loved the lyrics of “Break Me Down” the first track off Tiffany Stanley’s new album ‘Revival’:

Visit Tiffany’s website at to learn more about her ministry and to purchase her music. You can also connect with her on Twitter and Facebook.

Tiffany will be singing at an upcoming event, The Dream Girlz Gathering, hosted by music artist Melinda Watts. If you are in the Seattle area August 26th and 27th be sure to visit the Dream Girlz Gathering Facebook page to get updates.

More About Tiffany Stanley

Ever since she was a little girl, Tiffany dreamed of being more than a musician. It was in growing and developing a close and personal relationship with Christ that she knew music was more than the lyrics, chords, and notes. “To me, music is lifting up songs of worship to the Lord.” Tiffany is a musician in pursuit of Worship. “I want this music to promote the most important thing: Jesus Christ.”

Tiffany longs to share the love of Christ in her music, and show others His goodness, grace and mercy. She believes God is going to pour out revival among the nations, and prays that we as believers would rise up to encounter Christ in a whole new way. At 18 years of age, she has spent her first year after high-school enrolling in worship classes and letting God make the dream of making this album come true. She is extremely excited about what the Lord has planned, and knows it is all in His hands for the glory of His name.

Her independently released album Revival talks about exactly what it’s named: Revival. It’s about being justified in Christ, surrendering to His will, letting Him open your eyes, and coming boldly into His presence. “I didn’t want to just make an album, I wanted to tell a story of what a life in Christ is. Of needing Him every second of everyday, knowing one can’t be fulfilled without Him.” She believes in dreaming dreams, surrendering to Christ, and living in His love. “When we give our dreams to God, putting them all in His hands, and realizing that we need Him, that’s when He begins to work in mighty and powerful ways through us. Let us be a generation who stands for Christ, and love as He loves us. Young and old, let’s make an impact on the world together, as we join as one in Him.”

SOAR Young Artist Snapshots: Interview With Lauren & Lucas


On SOAR we feature young people (from those beginning their ministries to those more established) who are using their talents to bring glory to God. Check out our interview with brother/sister music duo Lauren & Lucas Gandy who began by posting creative videos on Youtube showcasing both their musical and production skills and their love for Jesus. By creating acoustic covers of songs by Christian artists, from Lecrae to Kirk Franklin and Skillet, Lauren and Lucas’ videos show you can have fun while bringing glory to God…


Update: 21:03 in the Studio


Word is that Gospel trio 21:03 is in the studio working on their next album. In a recent UStream broadcast they predicted the album would drop in late Spring, so look out for it. Check out a sneak peek of one of their songs “Favor”, and some clips of them in the studio with PAJAM making the song “I Wanna Hear Your Voice” by clicking below.


SOAR Youth Voices Interview with God’s Prodigy



On SOAR, we want to represent the voices of not only people who are older, who can give wisdom to youth, but also young people whom are experiencing the world each day and can share their testimonies. Samuel Glass is a 14-year-old student who decided a few years ago to begin using his passion for rapping to be a role model to other kids, and to glorify God. He goes by the stage name God’s Prodigy, and in this interview he tells us how he addresses the hardships young people are facing today, especially in the inner-city:

SOAR: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and where you’re from.

Samuel (God’s Prodigy): I would describe myself as a humble down to earth type of guy. I am outgoing and like to have fun. This year I am entering into the ninth grade. Where I grew up wasn’t the best city to grow up in, which was Montgomery, Alabama it had quite a bit of crime and I would have to say some of the friends I had there weren’t the best and did not have the greatest influences on my life.

SOAR: When did you begin getting passionate about God, and how has that journey been?

GP: I would have to say around the end of my seventh grade year when I was transferred to Christian Fellowship Academy. Since then my journey has been quite hard. For instance people who I thought were good friends have now turned their back on me. They expected me to be the same person I was before and to do the same things. I have to resist the temptations of turning to the ways of the world again and participate in the things my peers are often doing.

SOAR: When did you begin rapping and why did you decide to use your passion for God?

GP: I began in the 3rd or 4th grade. It was at the end of my seventh grade year, I decided rapping for God would be a way to glorify him. It would also allow me to reach out and interact with the youth, and show them that rap does not have to always be about sex, gangs, drugs, violence and degrading females. I have always been passionate about rapping and music in general and I knew that God would be pleased because I was uplifting Him and not me.


SOAR: What are some of the things you see urban youth facing today, or you yourself have faced? What type of message do you want to bring to the youth of today?

GP: I see a lot of people dealing with lust, anger, depression and heartache, because if you look at the latest research conducted, it shows that teen pregnancy is on the rise again, the use of drugs, as well as teenage suicides. It is because of this my message to the youth is basically to just come to God and let Him solve all of your problems of depression and anger. Let Him cast the lustful spirits out of you, because there is nothing too big for God to handle, and that we should not let the devil take this nation to hell in a hand basket.

SOAR: You said before it’s not about being cool because your friends aren’t your judge. Tell us a little bit about that motto, how have you faced peer pressure?

GP: The way that motto came about was because people started trying to pick on me and call me a church boy and telling me I need to start back doing my old things. So I had to resist the temptation by remembering that they don’t have a heaven or hell to put me in. That motto has helped me face peer pressure because it has allowed me to remember that I can’t let my friends dictate my decisions. The things they define as cool are the same things that kept me in trouble. Things I knew GOD was not pleased with.

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SOAR Interview with Donovan Owens


For our first SOAR interview, welcomes an “ordinary kid with an extraordinary gift” in music, who is using it for the Lord. 13-year-old Donovan Owens has been singing for a quite while now, and has shared the stage with Gospel artists like Kirk Franklin, Dorinda Clark Cole, J.Moss and 21:03. Donovan recently released his debut album, “All That I Have,” and in the interview he talks about being both a regular kid and Gospel artist…

Listen to a clip from the interview in the video below & click here to read the entire interview on SOAR.

Click here to read the entire interview with Donovan Owens on SOAR.

Find out more about Donovan & hear more of his music on:
His Website: