Iron Sharpens Iron: We Are Better Together In Community!

Community, love, relationships & family are some of the greatest gifts in life! My friend Sarah has a great series on her site on the power and many benefits of community. I was happy to share part of my story and passion in the series – go check it out!

God used a dry, long lonely time in my life to draw me into deeper intimacy with Him, discovering His heart and love for myself and for other people. The wilderness is where we develop a deep love for God and people if we allow it to! That deep ache of loneliness was filled by God’s presence and my dependence on Him to satisfy my desires. I discovered how He longed for His people to get to know Him better and to hear His voice. He also desired for us to love one another and to see each other as missing pieces of the puzzle pieces of His heart – if one person was missing then the picture of His family and even of His image would be incomplete. I believe our unity as His body is one of God’s biggest dreams! In our unity we will display His love and glory to the world.

We’re relational beings and are made to be together, growing in unity and in God’s heart. Family and fellowship was God’s original design and intention for us ever since the Garden of Eden when He said it was not good for man to be alone. As God’s people we can reflect His heart by gathering together and showing the world what true community is. I’m so grateful for the family and purpose partners God has placed in my life. Iron sharpens iron and we are so much better together! ⚔ Even disagreements can shape us – diamonds shape diamonds when they collide and we can learn about the different facets of our enormous, beautiful indescribable God in eachother! Let’s grow in love and community – the more we interact the more we shape eachother and are refined to look more like Love!

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