Dream Distractions: Overcoming 5 Excuses That Keep Us From Our Dreams with Terri Savelle Foy

Embracing and pursuing God’s dreams for our lives are so vital especially in this shifting season we’re in. These videos from Terri Savelle Foy will encourage you to overcome distractions and excuses that keep us paralyzed and nonproductive in pursuing purpose.

The enemy has a way of beating us down and he is constantly trying to get us to quit going after our dreams. If we’re not careful we’ll allow these attacks to become excuses. In this first video Terri deals with the top 5 excuses we use to keep us from pursuing our dreams.

The enemy will use time lost to break your focus on your dreams but in the second video Terri encourages us that it is never too late to follow your God given destiny.

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Julene, editor of Dream in Soul and SOAR, is a young dreamer, entrepreneur, artist, writer and speaker who loves to create to inspire others. She founded her own creative media company, Envibrance Studios as a teen, and runs an inspirational apparel & product line. Visit her website online at www.julenefleurmond.com.

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