Inspiration: Britt Nicole Interview On How Her Singing Ministry Began and Song Walk on The Water

“If it’s God’s plan for your life it’s going to work out, you’re not gonna have to force it and make it happen and beg people to work with you or beg people to support you or believe in you…” – Britt Nicole

This video interview with Britt Nicole is from 2007 but I think it is awesome to see how she got started in her singing ministry and all that God has done through her obedience:

Some of my favorite parts of the interview:

– How Britt trusted God when she felt He was asking her to obey and stay home instead of going off to college, even if she didn’t see the way ahead.

– She shared the verse 1 Chronicles 28:20 that she was encouraged by: “And David said to his son Solomon:

“Be strong and of good courage, and do it; do not fear nor be dismayed, for the LORD God—my God—will be with you. He will not leave you nor forsake you, until you have finished all the work for the service of the house of the LORD.”

Britt Nicole’s song “Walk on The Water” from her latest album The Lost Get Found is great inspiration to anyone to have faith in God and take chances when following the dreams in their hearts:

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    3 Responses to “ Inspiration: Britt Nicole Interview On How Her Singing Ministry Began and Song Walk on The Water ”

    1. Dear Britt Nicole, I know this may be a pretty random comment, but i just love you sooooooo much! Other than my parents you r the best role model EVER to me. Your music has inspired me through the days that i have heard of you and has ever since. Your song Don’t Worry Now is one of my favorites cuz, when i was going through a rough time with my family, i looked it up, and it just really spoke to me, and everytime i cry through a hard mess, then i always hear that line,don’t worry now it’s gonna be okay through my head. God always seems to speak to me through music and i think that’s one thing we have in common.
      Anyway, i’m 14 years old and i love to sing. My famil;y does as well. My dad comes from a family who loves music. he’s a music pastor. Figures. LOL I also love to write music. My favorite song that i worte is called Listen. I haven’t really gotten a tune to it, but i have some ideas. it talks about having to listen to God and askig Him to help you. I loooove the style of music where you wanna get up and dance…like yours! I found out that you really inspire me to wirte and sing music for God, and I want to be just like you. :) Now one question that travels my mind about you is how old are you? I know you get that a lot, but, all i know is that you STILL look like you’re 18 and i know you r in your early 20’s.
      You know something? One of the big reasons about how you inspire me so much is because you NEVER give up. You always just keep going and spread the word about God. It’s hard for me to do that cuz i never really feel like i have the chance.
      Anyway, I’m glad i could tell you how much you inspire me and i hope to meet you someday. I think my email address is with this comment, so whenever you have the chance, would you please write back? it would be so cool to hear from you! Oh, but one more thing, i don’t have facebook, just so you know. Well, thanks for everything you do Britt. Keep it on!!!!
      Jess Marie

    2. Dear Britt Nicole,
      Thank you for all,I am so happy that you encourage me to be still with God even do I experienced so much pain.Truly that God is working.Just like you, I am also a worship leader.Thanks for all the encouragement..I will never going back again to my previous life.I will sing to the Lord with all my heart.

    3. i really like your songs and the way u use your talents to serve God!!!!! keep up the good work!!!