God is Doing a “Nu Thang” – Throwback Video from DC Talk

(Updated Note: No this isn’t that video of the kid that went viral but the DC Talk one is just as entertaining;).

I remember jammin’ to this song on the radio back in the day when I was only about 5 years old (I thought it was the “bomb” back then but now when I look back at the clothes we want to forget they wore, the hair, the rapping – only in the ’90’s!:)

On a more serious note, God can truly do a “nu thang” in our lives, if we let go of the reigns and let Him show us what He has in mind. This year we can either do the same thing we’ve always been doing, or we can do something bold and fresh; something that others may not understand, but that embodies the unique purpose God placed in us. Are you doing a new thing in your life to match His promises?

Here are some of the lyrics:
dc Talk “Nu Thang”
My God is doin’ a brand nu thang
But, since time began, He remains the same
Faithful, forever to His word
And solid, a cornerstone unstirred
But, look down through the ages and you will find
God doesn’t change, but He knows the time
From harp to piano, and song to rap
Ya know, God’s with us, so we can not lack and so

God is doin’ a nu thang, in our lives so… We’re doin’ a nu thang, through Jesus Christ.
God is doin’ a nu thang, through our music
We’re doin’ a nu thang, so He can use it…

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