Finding Divine Inspiration: Working with the Holy Spirit in Your Creativity

Where do you seek out inspiration in your ministry, artwork, music, writing or in other creative life areas? The book Finding Divine Inspiration: Working with the Holy Spirit in Your Creativity by J. Scott McElroy and resource website ( gives insight to artists in the church and how they can more effectively be led by God in their work.

The book features exclusive interviews with:

• Thomas Blackshear, Painter, “Forgiven”
• Dan Haseltine Jars of Clay
• Peter Furler, Newsboys
• Buzz Mclaughlin, Writer/Producer, Theater and Film

• And others

From the Author
There is a New Renaissance coming in the arts and God has a special place for you in it. In Finding Divine Inspiration you’ll learn how to hear God’s voice and collaborate with Him in the work He has for you.

God wants to reform the arts, to bring a new infusion of Divine Inspiration into the mainstream and an explosion of arts in the church, but for these changes to come His artists must develop a lifestyle of collaboration with Him. Through solid biblical guidance, exciting historical and current examples, and practical steps, Finding Divine Inspiration shows artists how to partner with God in their life and work. Its a concept that can help invigorate your spiritual life, bring new inspiration, enable you to share God’s messages more freely and ultimately transform the arts.

God wants to include you in an amazing creative collaboration to bring His messages to the world in unique ways — and unleash your true creative potential!

He will inspire and empower you as you learn to actively partner with Him in your life and work. He wants to transform the arts in the culture and the church, and transform your life as you learn to listen for His voice. Learn how in Finding Divine Inspiration: Working with the Holy Spirit in Your Creativity.

Visit to learn more about the book, to order, and visit the author’s blog featuring more posts about Christians and the arts.

Watch an interview with the author, J. Scott McElroy interviewed on The Harvest Show below. He speaks about the role of creative arts in the church, how to prevent arts from becoming an idol, self-expression vs. God-expression and more:

A Portrait of Christ from Jeremy Cowart

Watch how this illustration of Christ by photographer and social artist Jeremy Cowart is melded together – it’s a combination of creativity and intensity:

Music by Derek Webb –

After the earthquake in Haiti last year I was inspired by Jeremy’s amazing Voices of Haiti photography project chronicling the stories of the survivors. Learn more about him below:

About Jeremy Cowart

He’s a photographer.
At his core, Jeremy loves to make art. Starting out as a designer, Jeremy really only began taking pictures to bring texture into his design work. Before he knew it, he loved photography (and was getting paid to do it.). So in April of 2005, Jeremy switched over to it full time and he has never looked back. In a relatively short amount of time, Jeremy earned the respect of artists, photographers, and celebrities alike. Now hailed as one of the trailblazers in the industry, Jeremy sees taking a photograph as merely the first step in creating a piece of art…

The Digital Story of the Nativity and A Social Network Christmas

The way we connect may have changed but the story will always remain the same. Here are two fun, clever videos showing how the story of the Nativity might have been told if it took place in the time of social media:

“How social media, web and mobile tell the story of the Nativity; the Christmas story told through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google, Wikipedia, Google Maps, GMail, Foursquare, and Amazon…”

This video from Igniter Media is another artistic take on how the story of the Nativity might have taken place if Facebook existed at the time of Jesus’s birth…

Soul Dreamer: Discovering Your Artistic Purpose with Art Lessons From God

Savior Painting

Most everyone has asked these questions:

  • Who am I?
  • Why am I here?
  • What should I be doing?

Artists in particular, from painters to musicians, may ask these questions regarding their gifts:

  • Who am I as an artist?
  • Why do I have this talent?
  • What does God want me to do with it?

Navigating these questions might be frustrating when we don’t “hear” what God wants us to do with the gifts He’s given us. How do we know what route to take with our abilities?

Art Lessons from God is a great online spiritual resource that delves into these questions of gifting and calling. The web publication and discussion group were created with the purpose of helping artists and designers discover God’s purpose and plan for their artistic talent. The site was created by Tony Snipes of Kreative Kingdom, Inc. a non-profit faith-based art initiative.

Though the site is targeted toward visual artists it has much insight that could inspire artists of any type from writers and performers to musicians and filmmakers. Many of the topics explored can apply to a variety of arts, like “Anointed versus Talented: What’s the Difference?” to “Discovering a “God” idea vs a “Good” idea.” Often in our society we acknowledge the “how” regarding talents of individuals but may not always consider the deeper questions involved with “why”…


Creativity: Gospel By Design –

Above: Screenshot of article from

Through digital design, Christian creative Mark Taylor creates visual expressions of worship and truth to share the Gospel. He’s one of the co-founders of the website, a community of Christian digital artists dedicated to using their talents to bring praise to God and inspire others.

In a recent interview with the website Best Christian Design, (another great site displaying digital design) Mark spoke about the potential of the visual arts, specifically digital design and communications, in spreading the Word:

INSPIKS | Inspirational Pictures

“The ability to interpret scripture with art is done with great passion, because I know that the ideas are given by God and it is a great way for me to spread the message of the Gospel…. I think Graphics and Web design is playing a more integral part in the ministering of the gospel today. Churches are realizing the importance of Church marketing and branding and translating that to the web. The web can be looked at now as a tool, rather than just a showcase of the churches ministries…

“I think there are various ways that Christians can use the Internet to spread the Gospel. I think there are some great examples out there right now, for example blogging, the use of Twitter and Flickr, It is just a matter of being lead by the spirit, finding your passion and a target audience. Christians have the greatest target audience…the world!” – Mark Taylor of, in an interview with (Click here to read the rest of the interview).

Visit for more creative resources, articles and conversations for visual artists, or anyone that wants to be inspired.


The graphic above from is entitled “Why Believe in Genesis?” and is based on Romans 1:20:

For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse. Romans 1:20 (KJV)

Why should we, as Christians, continue to believe in the Genesis accounts of creation? We grow up in a society that teaches us about evolution and that the world began from one big cosmic bang and that our ultimate origins are from cosmic dust that fell from space to the earth and formed a primordial soup which eventually, over millions of years, formed all life here on earth. Some Christians believe that the evolutionary process may have been used by God in His creative process. Some have started to blend both ideas, but God did not proclaim in His word, that He used such processes to create anything. Human beings are born with the innate sense of discovery, we want to know how the entire universe and the earth came to be, how it all began?, why we are here? & who made us? Why is that? The book of Acts answers that question very clearly:… ~ Mark Taylor

Click here to read more of the “Why Believe in Genesis” series on Click here to download this as a wallpaper, and for other amazing creations.