Trip Lee’s New Album Between Two Worlds

betweentwoworldsMelding the Gospel and rap, Trip Lee’s new album Between Two Worlds (Reach Records) was recently released, also featuring Lecrae, Sho Baraka, Jimmy Needham, Jai and others. Based on the singles that were released and previewing the album, I’m excited to get my own copy and listen to it in its entirety. Along with the freshly delivered rhymes signature of Trip Lee, the story behind the creation of this project reflects on its deeper substance:

Look around. You can see it. Listen closely. You can hear it. This fallen world is groaning and so are we. A fallen people, in a fallen place, facing fallen situations. Since Adam sinned, this has been our plight.

Trip Lee finds himself in an in-between state-longing for the recreation of our world, yet still trying to navigate through it. His third album, “Between Two Worlds,” offers listeners a collection of personal reflections that echo the struggles of humanity and the joys offered in the solution… Continue Reading

Visit the Reach Records website to listen to tracks from the album and to order. Also check out the two part “Between Two Worlds” Reflection videos below:

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