Ready or Not: A Love Story from the Passion for Christ Movement (P4CM) & I Will Wait For You

The Passion for Christ Movement presented this amazing and moving scene at their event called RHETORIC. It merges poetry with theater and retells the greatest love story of all time – of Christ who is coming back for a bride without spot wrinkle or blemish. This piece is by P4CM poets Ezekiel and Janette…ikz who ask you if you’ll be “Ready or Not” for that day…

All to often, we try to do the cleaning and the planning when we Christ should take the lead. With Him at the helm, the wedding day will be just as it should be… all for His glory.

The RHETORIC will be happening again this year on July 6, 2012. You can get tickets at the P4CM website here.

Below, check out another poem, “I Will Wait for You” that was made popular at RHETORIC, from P4CM’s Janette…ikz who talks about why she is waiting for the love that God has for her life:

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