Inspiration & Music Pick: The Water and the Blood from Sojourn Music

It’s often in the darkest moments in life where some of the deepest truths are revealed to us. Sojourn Music’s sound is raw, organic and emotional and their messages are inspired by the realities of life and classic hymns from Isaac Watts. Throughout their journey they have not been afraid to delve into the dark places of faith, and I love how they meld modern musical arrangements with the powerful poetic language of years ago.

Since launching in 2000, Sojourn Music has recorded 7 albums of original music, including “Before the Throne”, an album of songs that work through the movements of the liturgy, and “Over the Grave”, an album of re-written and re-imagined hymns by Isaac Watts. “The Water and the Blood” is their latest release, a dark Americana album recorded live in the studio and released in mid-2011.

Watch a preview for “The Water and the Blood” below to hear the story behind Sojourn Music:

Sojourn music began with a rag-tag group of musicians from a variety of backgrounds. The Bible talks about how the church should be one body with many parts, and this is evident in Sojourn music. Musicians with backgrounds in jazz, country, and pop come together with musicians from indie and punk rock backgrounds, seeking to serve the Church with a sense of unity and beauty.

“One way in which Sojourn is different is that we aren’t just a “band” of 4-6 people. We’re a community of songwriters, musicians and vocalists, all belonging to Sojourn Community Church of Louisville. We are a big family – over 50 people have contributed to the Sojourn Music songs and albums.” – Sojourn Music, via their Facebook Page, where you can also download free music.

Visit Sojourn Records at their website to find out more about their music:

Watch the video for Sojourn Record’s song “Death Has Lost Its Sting” below:

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