Video Pick: Make a Move – Royal Tailor

Royal Tailor recently released the music video for their song “Make A Move.” I love the fresh sound the group brings, and the song and video are so funky and creative with a great message, check it out below:

We don’t need permission
To go outside of these doors
And dream some crazy dream no one else has dreamed before
To show love and compassion
Wherever we may be, to put faith into action, do more than just believe
We are hope to those who have been broken
We were made to make a difference

There’s more to life / Open my eyes
Someone is needing You / So I gotta make a move
What good are words / When this world hurts
Real faith will come through / When I make a move

- Lyrics from “Make a Move”

Royal Tailor’s single “Hold Me Together,” from the upcoming album, Black & White, is a soothing reminder of how we should rely on God’s strength in life. You can get “Hold Me Together” on iTunes and the album when it releases on 6-7-11. Connect with Royal Tailor on Facebook, Twitter or at their website, Check out the music video and the lead singer Tauren talking about the meaning behind the song below:

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